yeswetrust ORG is a Swiss organization that stands for tolerance, sustainability and community.

Every yeswetrust member can vote which projects in fields of environment, humanitarian and innovation shall be supported.

contribution of every app member

1 tree

1 tree will be planted by the organisation plant for the planet

10% in startups

1 CHF will flow into startup projects

10% in environmental & social projects

1 CHF will flow into environmental and humanitarian projects

our goal by the end of 2019

19 mio trees

will be planted by the organisation plant the planet

19 mio donations

for startup projects

19 mio donations

for environmental and humanitarian projects


Plant-for-the-Planet promotes the view that each tree is a contribution towards environmental and climate protection. It also suggests that each tree planting is an action for social justice.

The Initiative also works to plant trees and considers this to be both a practical and symbolic action in efforts to reduce the effect of climate change. In 2011, it reached a goal of planting a million trees.


plant the planet poster - schweiger-til-de-alina

Coworkspace and Meetpoints

In order to reach a worldwide coverage, we are currently partnering up with several market leaders for coworkspace. Our aim is to provide free workspace for our premium members for a certain number of hours, days or weeks depending on the status of support the project receives from the company.

Besides partnering up with existing coworkspace providers the company strongly focuses to build own working environments for the support of projects and startups. As the community will grow the trustshare holders may decide where a new workspace should be established. In addition shareholders also have a say in how the workspace should look like respectively how big it will be built (e.g. small office or huge coworkspace).