Videoshot in LA

By 28. December 2018 No Comments

We often see the glamorous City of Angels in Television or Social Media and believe, that most of them are able to live the Amercian dream. But unfortunately that’s not the case. Unemployment of the young generation causes depression, so Founder Stefan took a trip to Los Angeles, connected with inspiring people and did a great video shot to motivate young people to join our community.

“How can politics deal with automation and robotics in near future? 3% of the millenials are ready to earn less money and to do something more social instead. Do we have a solution for the next generation who wants more sense in daily work?
We have the choice. We can stay hopeless or start feeling thankful and hopeful for our possibilities. I truely believe, that if people start reaching their human potential for common goals, we are going to find solutions for todays global problems. Don’t be afraid of your future. Trust in humanity. We are GENERATION NOW!”

The video will be released in Q3 2019. Stay tuned. 2019 is going to be a year of TRUST!