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The world’s biggest ICO event: ICO RACE

yeswetrust is participating in the ICO Race 2018 in Lugano Switzerland on June 6/7th. The best 20 ICOs will compete for 1 MILLION DOLLARS and to be listed on ONE OF THE TOP THREE EXCHANGES IN THE WORLD.


All ICOs will be evaluated by our internal team according to the following factors:

  1. Solution of the problem
    Like in traditional economy, the ICO teams should address specific problems with their product/service. On the basis of this we evaluate the market potential of the product, the consequential demand in the future and the scalability of the project. A clear explanation of the product maturity level and the Go To Market strategy compared to other competitors will be appreciated.
  2. Business and Token sale model
    The business model has to be clear. It is important to have a high quality and well developed white paper, including a detailed description of the technical aspects of the product and a defined roadmap with specific goals broken down by periods. It’s crucial for us to understand: why a new token and why is an on-chain solution necessary? Also, how could the price increase? For a new blockchain, the consensus mechanism has to be explained.
  3. Token Sale terms
    Token sale has to be fair in terms of percentage allocated to the crowd and hard cap. Other relevant factors of evaluation are the token releasing process, the pricing and the lock-ups for team and partners and the discounts applied to the ICO participants.
  4. Team
    We will take into consideration only teams with a valid track record in the crypto economy. We will do a very thorough analysis of the key elements of the team’s skills and their reputation in the industry.

The first 15 selected ICOs will go directly to the finals, a second group of ICOs will be invited to participate in the semifinals.

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