About us

Why yeswetrust?

The concept of “gamification” has long been established in the shopping world. Consumers collect bonus points and get a discount or gift for it.
Can we use the same principle for rewarding having more fun, living healthier, supporting each other and having a positive impact on the environment? yeswetrust says yes!

Switzerland has a voting system where people can influence and change the legal system.
How great would it be to create a community of people from all nations and religions who come together, decide together and bring positive change to the world?

Trust is a rare ressource in the world. People are divided into nations, religions and skin color.
We want to build bridges through trust.


Our Team

Stefan Kanalga

CEO & Founder

Siiri-Mall Musten

Conscious Leadership & Neuroscience Consultant

Yannick Keller


Joshua Heuberger


Thomas Steglehner


Roman Fritschi

App Design & Development

Corinne Woodtli

Life Coach

Cassandra Michael

Positive Mindset Coach


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lalouschek

Advisor / CEO Village Campus

Bremley Lyngdoh

Global Sustainability Advisor

Rolf Müller


Raphael Ledergerber

Strategic Advisor

Pirmin Loetscher

Life Coach & Bestselling Author

Philip Weights

Investor Relations & Governance

Roman Schweizer

Investor Relations / Trustpoints

Our Partners

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Together we encourage and inspire people.
Together we achieve the change from self-destruction to self-realization.
Together we can change.


Trust & Transparency

Building bridges through trust.
Freedom of choice and transparency create trust.
We firmly believe that each of us deserves only the best.
We create added value with selected and trusted partners.
A positive environment of people for people.


Innovation literally means renewal.
We do not want to reinvent the world, we want to renew it.
What would inventors and geniuses of our history have done with the technologies and opportunities available to us today?
We imagine it; then we do it.


We plan and realize long-term projects.
We are driving change from the destruction and eradication of the earth to the promotion and use of unlimited and sustainable energy.
Sustainability not only when it comes to the environment, but also when it comes to us human beings.