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What if technology could provide everybody the access to help shape a better future?

Our mission is to encourage and inspire people to reach their full potential, make an impact and actively shape a better future by providing a system partly based on blockchain technology.

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3. June 2018

ywt app 2.0 now in app store

7. April 2018 in ICO


The world’s biggest ICO event: ICO RACE yeswetrust is participating in the ICO Race 2018 in Lugano Switzerland on June 6/7th. The best 20 ICOs will compete for 1 MILLION DOLLARS and to be…

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7. March 2018 in APP

App prototype

The APP prototype is developing. We are pleased to present you the the beta version 1.0. It is available since March 2018 on the apple store. We are happy for…

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9. September 2017 in Uncategorized

yeswetrust DAY

We are looking forward to our first yeswetrust event. Join us and experience together a unique experience and a breathtaking atmosphere in the amphitheater in Windisch.           

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20. August 2017 in Uncategorized

yeswetrust promo video

We had a long shooting schedule today and we want to thank everybody for giving their best. You were all great. Thanks to André, Celine, Fabio, Leya, Roman, Yannick, Thank... Read More
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